Me, Myself, and I: A List

  1. My name is Nicole, and I live in an itty-bitty town in Delaware (Dela-where? Okay, sorry. I know that’s cheesy).
  2. “Nicole, where are you from?” Delaware. “No, but where are you really from?” …Delaware. I am REALLY from Delaware. Really.
  3. In case you are wondering about my ethnicity, I am Filipino. I do speak Tagalog, but barely. My family likes to laugh at me because my Tagalog is very broken and I have an undeniable American accent.
  4. I’m currently typing this from my bed. In my pajamas. I’m not embarrassed.
  5. I have two papers to write for summer classes, but writing a blog post for myself is exponentially more fun than writing class papers for a grade.
  6. All my classes are online. Its very convenient for when I want to travel. Or do my classwork from my bed.
  7. All my classes are online. Its very inconvenient because when I first started, I was 100% a procrastinator, and procrastinating and online classes do not get along.
  8. It took me a whole semester of “Okay! All of your assignments are due at the end of week,” to figure out that this was not high school anymore, and I could not get away with starting all my assignments the night before.
  9. Sometimes I still do that. Every time I regret it.
  10. I graduate next summer. Business management.
  11. I also like going to the gym. I think I want to start my own personal training/health coaching business.
  12. My favorite day is leg day.
  13. I’m a full time student at night, and a full time employee during the day. I’m always sleep deprived.
  14. I’m a medical receptionist at a doctors office.
  15. Sometimes, I can hear the phone ringing in my dreams. It rings and rings and no matter how many times I say “This is Nicole, how can I help you?” there is another call waiting. Is that a sign of stress or what?
  16. I don’t want a career in medicine or healthcare, but I do like watching Grey’s Anatomy.
  17. I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy. How many times have I cried watching this week? Too many times. That’s how many.
  18. I also LOVE owls.
  19. and I really like tennis.
  20. This is how old I am.
  21. Favorite food? I don’t think that I could name just one. Maybe dim-sum. I really enjoy dumplings.
  22. Sushi. maybe sushi is my favorite.
  23. Something that I don’t like – the way it smells after it rains. It smells like worms, and I don’t like worm smells. Or worms.
  24. I have a beta fish. He’s dark red, and his name is Sharkbait.
  25. I also collect plants. According to my mom, having plants in your space provides better oxygen quality.
  26. I am terrible at bowling.
  27. I cannot do a handstand. Yet.
  28. I like brussel sprouts.
  29. My mom has a fruit and veggie garden in her backyard.
  30. If my mom and I are arguing, I’ll go to the garden and pick out all the berries and squashes and things and eat them so that she thinks nothing is growing (sorry Mom).
  31. When I was growing up, I think that I was the trouble child. Is middle child syndrome a real thing?
  32. Sometimes I can be incredible sassy.
  33. Usually it’s when I’m tired. Or hangry.
  34. I can make a mean pancake.
  35. My crowning achievement is graduating from driving 7 hours straight without having to stop and pee.

I told myself that this was going to be a list of 100. 100 Things About Nicole! It would was going to be incredibly easy. After all, who knows me better than me? I stopped at 35. That was enough for me. It actually took me a little while to get this all put together the way I wanted it. I won’t get too nit picky with it though, otherwise I’ll be here all day. After all, I do have an assignment for class that I have to get back to.

3 thoughts on “Me, Myself, and I: A List

  1. If I lived in Delaware, I’d lose my mind running through all the possible puns. Dela-where? Dela Right Here. Dela There. Deli Counter. It would go on forever.
    I once had an online course. It was a nice break from going to class but staring at a black screen listening to the professor talk wasn’t something I enjoyed. It was basically a podcast before podcasts were as popular as they currently are.
    Also, fun fact – I’ve never tried sushi. Don’t hate me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad someone appreciates Delaware puns! I don’t think my non-Delawarean friends find them amusing.
      I’ve never had any professor lectures during my classes. Just lots of textbook reading. Actually, I think that I would prefer a podcast style online class.
      and never had sushi! I’ll just have to send you some instead of pizza.

      Liked by 1 person

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