Hi everyone! My name is Nicole! I’m 20 years old. Currently I’m a student, studying Business Management. I take all my classes online right now, and work during the day. I stay pretty busy, but I love spending time going on walks and hikes (especially with my little puppers, Oreo!

In 2016, I was introduced to a girl who was so passionate about fitness that it changed my perspective on a healthy lifestyle. I was about 180 pounds, and had sort of just resigned myself to being overweight. She was so thoughtful and inspiring, and introduced me to a new workout program. I stuck with it for 2 months, and ended up losing 20 pounds! That was the tipping point for me. I felt so much better, had so much more energy, that I decided to focus my life on continuing to get healthier.

This is my blog to keep me motivated and accountable. Hopefully I’ll be able to inspire others and save some neat tips and tricks along the way!